Sunday, December 02, 2007


Somebody stole my balloon!

After my birthday lunch last Sunday, I brought home the Happy Birthday banner and the 80th birthday balloon, and put them up in my glass porch. (Nothing like a bit of showing off, eh?)

When I came home from visiting my family in the village this afternoon, the balloon had gone. It would not have floated away if the door was left open, as it had an anchor weight, and there was not enough gas left. So it must have been taken.

I found that I was very upset by this. (Picture it: an 80-year-old grandmother sniffling because someone pinched her balloon!) I did not mind the loss of the balloon so much, as I was about to take the decorations down anyway - a week is enough I think. But it was the thought that someone would be prepared to do that to an old person which upset me. And they not only stole it from me, but also from Sarah Jane, who put so much loving care into decorating the room at the restaurant for me, and who will ask where it is when she comes tomorrow.

So after a week of being a child again at heart, I shall have to go back to being a grown-up, and pull myself together!


Knowleypowley said...


Sorry to hear of the balloon loss, but hope you had a happy birthday (looks as though you enjoyed yourself in the photo).


CodeNameNora said...

I meant to wish you a happy 80th birthday and am terribly sorry I didn't. The old brain is not always working. So, here are belated congratulations and many happy wishes. I am just about two years older than you!

Stephanie said...

Dear Judith, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how I originally stumbled upon this blog, but when I was organizing my bookmarks folder today, there it was.

I'm in love with what you're doing here. This blog may have one of the best ideas behind it of any I've seen. I'm looking forward to reading along. Happy Belated Birthday to you. (I'm sorry to hear about your balloon. I too would be upset not by the loss of the balloon so much as by the idea that someone felt entitled to take it. But people do things for odd reasons. And from the looks of your blog and comments, I imagine that there are plenty of people from all over wishing they could replace it for you. It appears you are quite well--and widely--loved.)

Granny J said...

If the balloon had to go away, it would have been far better had it flown many miles of its own choice. A very happy 80th from an older 80.

Judith said...

Oh yes! Absolutely! You have caught my sentiment exactly. I have two rather jolly balloon "going away" pictures which I think I shall post as a follow-on.

Judith said...

Stephanie, something seems to have gone wrong with my setting for comments to be emailed to me, as I never received yours, and so did not respond immediately.

Your remarks are flattering and cheering. I wondered, on reading the words "one of the best ideas behind it", whether there is in fact any clear idea. The result seems to be pretty higgledy piggledy and hugger-mugger! If you should read this, I wonder if you would be able to put into words what you perceive as the idea behind it.

Lillie said...

Happy birthday dear Judith!!!