Monday, December 10, 2007


I tried to use the new Blogger slideshow element in the page layout, as I had created an autobiographical slideshow in Photobucket to celebrate my 80th birthday. It should have appeared in my sidebar, but I couldn't make that work. The instructions are confusing and inadequate and I could find nothing in Blogger Help. In the Help Forum I found lots of other baffled bloggers, and some tips, but still nothing that helped me. So I loaded my biographic in the main column of my autobiographical blog, which was as easy as pie with a 'share' link in Photobucket, and tried something else.

I created a biographical Flickr badge, and after some more puzzling, found that I could load it in my sidebar via the HMTL/Java layout element.

Then finally, after a period of rest and reflection, I went back to Photobucket, discovered something else I could tweak, and lo and behold, at last I was able to get my slideshow in my sidebar, using the new slideshow feature in the layout.
I may not be the sharpest tool in the box, but I do persevere! I must add though, that it was thanks to a tip from somebody in the Help Forum; it was not done by following the Blogger instructions.

Last updated 22.12.2007

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