Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My TV interview

Jenny and Hume from BBC2 Working Lunch, who interviewed and filmed me for Wednesday's programme.

Here's something which might work for my readers outside the UK. You will need to work out for yourselves what time 13.30 hours in the UK is going to be where you are. If you can catch the programme, put the following link into your search engine: That will take you to a website page with thumbnail pictures of today's programmes along the top. Scroll to the right until you find the picture for "Working Lunch". When the programme starts a little bllack box saying 'ON' should show in the bottom left corner, and you can then click on the thumbnail to watch.

If you miss it, go to the same website page and click on BBC iPlayer in the big box underneath the thumbnails. This lists the programmes that have been recorded in alphabetical order, and you will need to go to page 3. Then scroll down to Working Lunch and click on it, and the recording should be there in front of you. It may take a while, of course, for them to get today's programme up there in the iPlayer.

UPDATE :: I have had two comments from overseas that the BBC programmes are not available outside the UK. Sorry, chaps, and I thought I was being so clever. Nothing else to show you at present. Don't lose hope!


Lee said...

Mmmm...12:30am. AM? No, I may have to keep an eye out for the downloadable version!

Annie said...

I clicked away and got ipod but also a big sign that said it was not available outside the UK. Maybe there will be a download, later?

Anonymous said...

just watched this. well done, Judith :)

James, Stoke

Nick Booth said...

Really enjoyed watching you on BBC 2. I'm going to use you to encourage commnunity groups to use the social web.

DH said...

Aye, we just watched it too, well done Judith :)

Julie Oakley said...

Just taken a break from work to watch it too. I wish I'd told my Luddite father to watch it. You really are a fantastic ambassador for the benefits of the internet

Judith said...

Ooho! this is so exciting to have all your comments come pouring in like this. This is life lived live if I may coin a further variation of my earlier phrase.

Nick, that is really good to hear. I am just off to read about you ... I hope, by following your link.

Pam said...

I saw it too, (but posted my message on your snow post...)

It was great!

Anonymous said...

Dear Judith,
I enjoyed the program today, but I just wanted to congratulate you on being so active on line at your age. Your blog site is great and you sound such a nice and fun person. I have come across a website you might want to try out it is called and you can publish and read things on it and embed your blog site for free or for a small fee you can also sell on line. It is very simple to use, I would be really interested to se what you think about it. Many thanks and well done! Maria

Richard said...

i tried to get my gran interested in the internet, mainly Skype (so she could phone old friends in Oz) but i think it confused her too much, will enquire with help the aged, it`s always good to learn new things! Keep up the good work and i look forward to ready more of your articles!!

James said...

I saw this at lunchtime and looked for the site, well done!

Good advice to look for the 'yellow padlock'. Thought I'd share a security program I found recently. It's to protect from 'keylogger' programs which try to record the keys you press:

it's 'keyscrambler personal' (the links at the top)

all the best

herhimnbryn said...

The beeb won't let us watch television content utside the Uk. Have just read your recent posts and all I can say is......

Anonymous said...

Hi Judith,

I happened to catch your interview today whilst off work - really enjoyed it and just had to take a look at your blog. Keep up the good work.

Kate x

Judith said...

That is really a shame about not being able to see it outside the UK. I wonder how they fix that.

Judith said...

And thanks James for the tip about the keyscrambler programme.