Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is life 'live' - my TV interview

The day after the Silver Surfer awards, I was asked by the BBC if I would be interviewed for BBC2's Working Lunch programme, and they came along yesterday. The following text is what I wrote while the cameraman filmed me typing something into my blog. I saved it and have not edited it since; I am surprised there are not more typos:

"Today I have a team from the BBC2 Working Lunch programme in my house, interviewing me and taking photographs. It is rather nervewracking, but it seems to be going OK. We have done quite a long interview - well it seemed long to me - and now they are taking pictures from all angles doing all sorts of things. I am always nervous when people are watching me, whether it is typing or driving a car or whatever, and I think this is the most difficult part of the whole thing. As those who know me will not need telling, I do not have any difficulty about talking!!!! They will not let me stop typing enough enought!!!

Do not teach your grandmother to suck eggs. Not techedy gramyum eggery suckery. O dear what can the matter be two old ladies got stuck in the lavatory they've been there a month on Saturday, nobody knew they were there."

The cameraman, with his camera almost resting on my shoulder, was particularly delighted with the first lot of exclamation marks. "Ooh! Can you do that again?" he said. "Just delete the last few words and type them again, so I can film the exclamation marks coming up".

Miraculously, my fingers worked more surely than they usually do these days, and did not produce gobbledy-gook. Any appearance of gobbledy-gookiness in the second paragraph of my text is due to my father's sense of humour when repeating old sayings and rhymes to his children.

The BBC team (of two) was here for two hours. The programme, in which my bit will be about one and a half minutes, goes out Wednesday (tomorrow) on BBC2 at 1.30 pm. I hope eventually to have a digital recording of it to put here on my blog.


Pam said...

Our very own TV star! (not the first time though Judith, eh?)

Will do my best to watch it and if poss record it. Congratulations!

Annie said...

I do hope you get something to put on your blog so we in the States can see it, too.