Saturday, October 25, 2008

Silver Surfer of The Year Awards - Pictures & Video

Portcullis House, Westminster, where the ceremony took place

Waiting with my sponsor, Stephen Bell, for the proceedings to begin

Chatting with my MP, The Rt Hon Peter Lilley

Video interview in front of Big Ben

Photographs by Sheila Joynes, and video by Stephen Bell, to both of whom my grateful and loving thanks for all their support and encouragement


Lee said...

What? No tea and scones with Her Majesty? Seriously, well done.

Annie said...

Great fun to see you "in person," Judith, on this video, and to hear your voice. You move and talk like
someone in her sixties.
And congrats, again.

Judith said...

But I did have tea and biscuits with my Member of Parliament, who came in specially to meet me!