Sunday, December 07, 2008

Summer angels

Christmas seems to be the right time to be talking about angels. I was searching the web for 'gliding angels' the other day, because my son Richard, the one who is a street theatre performer, has recently joined a group called Larkin' About, and one of their acts consists of gliding angels. I have never seen my son perform with this group, so I was glad to find a video on YouTube taken in 2005 when they were performing at the Tate Modern. Richard was not with the group at that time, but it gives some idea of how they look.
Here is Richard at the Gateshead Summer Flower Show in 2007. Cute, eh? I've never seen him in lipstick before.

[Picture by Jack Pickard ]


Lee said...

Quite distinctive.

The first time you see your son in lipstick is always a shock! (Martin went to a fancy dress as Dorothy from the Wiz of Oz. Thought I'd better explain.)

lady jicky said...

I think he should have gone for a rose shade myself!

Jack Pickard said...

I have to say the angels at the summer flower show were fantastic; they were always happy to spend time with kids; they were happy posing for photographs and so on, and they generally added well to the carnival atmosphere.

While unfortunately I can't remember what it was, I can also testify to the lively patter... so make sure to tell Richard I really enjoyed him and the rest of the troupe!

Judith said...

Thanks Jack. I have forwarded your comment to Richard, and I hope he will share it with his mates.