Sunday, November 30, 2008

The slideshow

When I began creating the slideshow, it was intended to be a Christmas greeting to post a bit later on, but the seasonal templates offered by the host company did not work for me, and the Celebration one caught my fancy. Suddenly it struck me: here I was sitting at my computer late in the evening, at the end of a damp, dark, depressing day in November, typical of my birthdays, and wishing it to be over. I had been out briefly to buy some batteries for the microlights on my mini Christmas tree, but that was all. It was not a day for doing things, and that is the sad truth of it.

The night before I had eaten a birthday supper with my son and his family in the village, and another son who was visiting. But the only bright spot in this day had been a brief visit from a friend, who brought me pots of special jam and marmalade which she had made herself. Two of my sons had not remembered at all. Not exactly a celebration in style, I am afraid, but it is a sad fact of life, I fear, that while our generation continues struggling to remember the birthdays of children and grandchildren, they in their turn tend to forget, struggling, as they often have to, to live their own lives.

So why not end the day by turning my slideshow into a birthday one instead, and celebrate my own life? I am so glad I did. The messages I have received here have done much to offset the drearyness of yesterday. And after all, I had a celebration in style last year, for my 80th - I shouldn't be greedy.

[You will find full length pictures of some of the video shots in my post on Dressing Up.]


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a Lovely Lady. Shame on those other sons but thank goodness for the ones who celebrated with you.

herhimnbryn said...

Hallo J,
I would like to introduce someone to you -

Am going to introduce her to you also.:)

Avus said...

Belated greetings, Judith. It's a fact of life, I'm afraid, that males do not remember birthdays, but females always do.

Zhoen said...

I followed herhimnbryn over. This has happened before, she keeps leading me all over the place.

Happy Birthday, only a little late.

lady jicky said...

Judith - a happy belated birthday!!!
I saw you on Lee's blog and I had to hop over and put you in "my favourites" list!
I would be sad too if my child forgot my birthday and yet I remember theirs and the grandkids. I know life is fast and busy but ....... it still stinks.
Show them this blog Comment page and let them feel real guilty !
There you go girlfriend! LOL
Those jams sound delish.

Judith said...

Thanks for the visit, Lady Jicky, and for putting me in your 'favourites'. I take it you don't have a personal blog, since nothing showed up when I clicked on your name. But I was able to follow Lee's clue and find some stuff on Google. I promise you, no psychic readings from me!!

lady jicky said...

That is right Judith I do not have a blog but I love to read them .
Oooh, that Lee - we girls have to be so careful!

winschod said...

Hi and thanks for sharing!