Saturday, November 01, 2008

Some you win and .....

My Silver Surfer Award brought me another interview in addition to the one for TV. This was a phone interview with a local Hertfordshire radio station, and I did it on Wednesday afternoon following the showing of the TV programme, so that was quite an exciting day for me.

Getting wise, I had prepared a prompt sheet for myself, with the answers I wanted to give to the most likely questions I would be asked. That worked well, and I actually got in two mentions of Digital Unite, who organised the awards, and who had not been referred to once in the TV programme, much to their annoyance and mine. I was told that the phone interview would be edited and would be broadcast the following day in one or more of their newscasts, which happened every hour on the hour .

You can imagine how I was glued to my radio all day Thursday, with an audio tape in the slot ready to record. But the day went by until late afternoon, when I received an email saying that my bit would not be done till the next day, as they had had too much local news to fit it in. So Friday was another day's listening to a station I would not normally tune in to; but of course there is nothing so compelling as the possibility of hearing one's own voice. But it was another wasted day, and I am left wondering if they are holding it over the weekend, or if it has got away altogether.

As I sat around waiting for the hourly newscasts, I looked for the website of the radio station, to see if I could find out the time of their last newscast of the day. What I did find was that they had put my story and picture up on their news page, with a link to my blog. So I have got my bit of publicity anyway, even if I don't get to hear my interview.


Pam said...

Your comment about a prompt sheet with the answers you wanted to give is interesting - sounds a bit like what politicians do!

Ed Doolan, a radio presenter from the Birmingham area who also appears on Radio 7 nowadays, has been heard to say that people who do that must have been on one of his training days!

(When we post our comments we have to fill in a word verification box; my last one asked for "colgi" and now I'm being asked to write "poncess"; aren't they great words?)

Judith said...

That's funny, I didn't think my blog comments were set for word verification. I must check it out.