Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas catalogue shopping


Do you love anyone - or possibly hate them - enough to buy them one of these for Christmas? The catalogue description reads:

Borat Mankini

Is nice!

Jagshemash! Please to be making sexy time with fully-licensed one piece bathing suit I use to cover my khram in hit movie-film. Make funny ha-ha joke for all occasion. One size fit all even if you like big can of Pepsi. I like, you like. High five!


Just in case you are wondering what sort of catalogue I shop from, let me tell you that this one was sent to me unsolicited by, from whom I recently bought a Flip Video. There are also some reasonable toys and gimmicks in it as well, and I may actually buy something from it for my 7-year-old grandson.

As for what this fellow's 'khram' may be, I am none too sure: A ship called the HMS Khram was apparently sunk deliberately off Bamboo Island, Pattaya, Thailand, in 2003, for the purpose of making a man-made reef and underwater conservation park for divers and enthusiasts. Elsewhere on the web I have found a reference to a "Buddiiskii Khram" or Buddhist Temple. That figures, I suppose!

My youngest son who is visiting has just looked over my shoulder and said: "Oh yes, that's Sacha Baron Cohen the actor; he played a character called Borat Sagdiyev". A bit more research and I find from the Internet Movie Database that he actually wore this costume in one of his movies, and there are pictures to prove it. And I had thought it had been digitally superimposed on the photograph for the purposes of the catalogue! I must say it doesn't look very secure - but then I don't suppose the average female bikini top is either. Come to think of it, we don't see the back - maybe the shoulder straps go down the back to a sort of g-string between the legs?

Oh well, back to the mail order catalogues.


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Judith said...

Maybe I should have an 'adults only' blog like you do Lee. But I only speak as I find.

Avus said...

Well done, Judith - keep getting the catalogues!

Kyocera Cartridges said...

Nice one! Thanks for giving me a great laugh. I can't imagine giving my dad this item. Just kidding...