Sunday, November 02, 2008

Silver Surfer Awards 2008 - more videos

Everybody was taking videos of everybody at the event, and in the end there were no less than three videos of me, two taken by Gill Adams, Digital Unite's 'information person', as she describes herself, and one by Simbo Ogunyemi, one of the other runners up. I am posting them here for those who are interested. It seems a bit vainglorious, (and they are a bit too much 'in your face' for my taste), but I want to give the event good coverage, because I think it is important. Feel free to skip. And I am still hoping to get my TV interview up here.

Gill's first video ~

Gill's second video ~

Simbo's video ~

The videos were taken with a Flip Video, a handy little gadget the size of a compact camera, which has its own USB connection to download your pictures into your computer, and its own editing software built in. It sells at around £100 at the moment. I have one, but am not very proficient with it yet.


Annie said...

Well, at least those of us outside the UK can enjoy you here. So glad that you posted them, Judith.

herhimnbryn said...

How lovely to hear your voice!
Congratulations J.

Judith said...

Only it doesn't sound a bit like my voice to me - but I believe that is always the way!

Gill Adams said...

HI Judith, Gill here from Digital Unite - just to say how lovely it was to video you at the awards - your sincerity and your 'you-ness' shines through (and I know it isn't that comfy watching yourself - I hated seeing me, too). And I think that's also a characteristic of your blog - you've got the knack of being yourself in public and that's fairly rare. So, good for you - keep blogging - and no doubt there will be other flurries of press; thanks a lot for all your work so far for 'the cause'. Gill