Friday, August 08, 2008

Hen party!

Pam left a comment on my last post in which she referred to my "appearing as a chicken", which may set you wondering. I have written several times about the Yorkshire singer and songwriter Jake Thackray, and I belong to an on-line group of admirers and performers of his songs. We get together from time to time for a Jakefest, when all our performers get a chance to show what they can do.

It has become traditional for the women members of the group to put on a small comedy act in costume to illustrate one of the songs while it is being sung. In the past (for those of you who know Jake's work) we have done The Ladies' Basic Freedoms Polka, The Castleford Ladies' Magic Circle and Sister Josephine; this year it was The Bantam Cock. We all made ourselves as feathery and beaky as possible, and clucked and foraged between the verses, while the young bantam (played by the son of the singer and the guitarist) strutted about amongst us. Any one of us that he succeeded in poking with his feather duster considered herself 'tupped', and let out a loud sqwark and flapped hugely. We had rehearsed our movements carefully in a very large room, but found ourselves performing on about a 3' depth of stage in front of the curtain, and the whole thing was horrendous and hilarious at the same time.

[I'm the one second from the right, wearing my childhood sunbonnet!]

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