Monday, August 11, 2008

Red Oaks Farm

The views from the farm B&B are another feast for the eye, but this is a working farm, make no mistake.

The cows, which are bred for their beef, are a relatively rare French breed called Bazadaise. They know when it is time to come for a feed, and wander in from the field, apparently without being called. The sheep are also bred for their meat.

Billy Bull has already picked out his next partner and will stick close to her until she becomes willing. I know, because I watched from my bedroom window with my camera poised for a long time, waiting for him score, but was disappointed!

The poultry in the paddock provide fresh eggs for the guests' English cooked breakfast. The kitchen garden has home-grown blackberries and Tayberries. These berries were freshly picked for our breakfast too. And being off alcohol at the time, I drank the most delicious home-made elderflower cordial.

Of course, farms are not all views and flowers and pretty animals. While Mrs Farmer was providing all this lovely food, Mr Farmer was shovelling shit in the farmyard, loading it into lorries, and taking it off to spread over his fields. The smell was apalling, but there's no such thing as a free breakfast!

On arrival I was offered supper on the patio, overlooking the fields, which was lovely but rather breezy. The rest of the time the guests all ate in the dining room, which is an eye-goggler of a different sort!

A good time was most certainly had!
And if you should want a really comfortable, well appointed and reasonably priced B&B, in or near Bollington (near Macclesfield in Cheshire),you will find it here:


KeithD said...

Some B&B, Judith! Beats Travelodge!

Helen said...

I had to laugh when you said you waited with your camera poised. I can just imagine Billy Bull whispering in the cow's ear, "Not yet; that woman with the blog is over there with her camera!"