Sunday, August 20, 2006

3000 hits!

Three thousand hits - isn't that splendid? Though I must admit I added the three thousandth myself, while making some changes on my settings. Maybe it's not much in a year, but it pleases me mightily, and I thank all those of you who visit, whether it's once or often. I am by now convinced that my blog is worth doing, and not just for my own satisfaction in putting it together.

I couldn't find or draw an appropriate picture to celebrate, so I dug out this old Christmas shot of my number two son having a go at his new punchball. Don't you just love the scaredy cat desperate to get out of the room?


DellaB said...

Congrats on 3000 hits!

Judith, I really appreciate your comments about blogging too - I have only been here since earlier this year, and I go a bit up and down about what/why I am doing. I haven't put a counter, because if I did it would dominate my blogging life, just because I am like that, results oriented, so have decided for now to forgo putting myself under the pressure, and just enjoy the doing.

Your blog is great... I hope you do not mind, I have blogrolled you..


Judith said...

I am sure I shan't mind, Della, but what is blogrolling?