Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Caution! Grandma is blogging

When I first posted this charming little drawing I couldn't remember who was the artist, so could not give credit for it. I have now found out that it was done by one of my Growing Old Disgracefully friends, Norma Randle, to whom I am greatly obliged for permission to use it.

How often have you seen a sign like this in somebody's rear view window? And does it make you immediately drive more cautiously, or do you feel somewhat irritated at the suggestion that you might be driving too close? Today I saw a variant which got me thinking - it said: CAUTION! GRANDPA IS DRIVING. "If that is a serious warning" I thought "his family should be trying to persuade him to give up driving. I know, I've met this problem myself. If, however, it is meant to be a joke, isn't it a bit patronising?" I remain confused by my reaction, being only too well aware that my time for giving up may not be many years ahead.

I was reminded of how many of my friends take exception to the roadsign warning of ELDERLY PEOPLE CROSSING. This too makes an assumption, that the elderly are necessarily frail. Personally I am not so sensitive. Some form of warning is obviously necessary where elderly people, who may also be frail, will be crossing. So perhaps the sign should read: FRAIL or VULNERABLE PEOPLE CROSSING, if we are to consider all sensibilities. But that still leaves the problem of the drawing.

The Oldie Magazine - which I lose no opportunity of promoting as essential reading for those of maturity, intelligence and humour, took the bull by the horns and designed its own version of the roadsign to display on its contents page. Now, that's more like it ..... but still hardly appropriate for a seriously cautionary roadsign. So what's to be done? There is still a need to be filled here by an enterprising designer.

I shall leave you with another charming drawing by another of my talented G.O.D. friends - Lois Burke.



The Editor said...

Mother(92) was still on the road up to a couple of years ago.."I only go up to Sainsburys", However i hadn't actually experienced the thrill of being strapped into the passenger seat since about 1985.
"Do you want me to drive?"
"No no its ok, honestly, I don't mind driving"...

Knowleypowley said...


I think the best sign I ever saw relating to the elderly was in the back of a much travelled VW Campervan which stated:

"Spending Our Children's Inheritence"

Lee said...

I have seen one saying "Caution. Mother in law in boot." I've never understood the meaning of the Baby on Board ones; especially as 9 times oout of 10 there isn't a baby in the car.