Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fire at The Fringe

I have written before about my son Ric who is a street entertainer (see my archive for October 2005 - Spare Parts). He is currently busking up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and I had an email from him today with a link to a blog by a Fringe photographer who is doing a lot of street shots: They are colourful and full of life, and if you scroll down far enough Ric appears in one of the shots, wearing a white shirt and breathing fire. It is good that he is getting into the picture.

I have some shots of him both breathing fire and juggling with flaming torches, which have the added advantage of having been taken at night, so I am sticking them up here, although they were taken some years ago, but not by me.


The Editor said...

Does fire breathing pose a health risk
From swallowing petrol or lighter fuel?
And what ha[[ens if someone makes you laugh with a mouthful of ?

Judith said...

Yes, there is some risk involved, and Ric told me not long after these pictures were taken (several years ago) that he wasn't going to do it any more. So I'm a bit worried (as mothers are) to find he's doing it again at The Fringe, apparently. I shall have to have a word. But street theatre and stuff is a hard way to make a living, although he loves doing it.