Friday, August 04, 2006

More orgasms .....

Thinking about my previous post while away for a few days' holiday, I became dissatisfied with having had so little to say on the subject of National Orgasm Day. It's a matter of self respect for me to have plenty to say at all times! So I decided to amuse myself by searching for 'orgasm' on Google Images.

I picked out a couple of representational images which seemed appropriate, very different from each other. I tend to see the first as a man's concept of orgasm, and the second as a woman's. I'd be interested to know what anyone else thinks.

Then I found an image with a message. The legend (in Dutch) with this one says: "Ugly people too have a right to an orgasm".

A passing thought that this might be what National Orgasm Day is all about led me down an imaginary path which I decided not to follow, until I realised that there is a Jake Thackray song called 'Billy Kershaw' which has already covered the subject. It is too long to copy here, but follow my link to the Jake Thackray website and you can find the lyrics there.

And finally, the day's special offer - though personally, I would not rely on safe delivery of the goods from someone who can't spell 'receive'!


[This is my personal emoticon for "tongue in cheek"]

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