Friday, May 08, 2009

Holiday journal : 10-20 April - B&B in Aboyne

Tigh na Geald - or House on the Hill - is a traditional Victorian house overlooking the village green in the centre of Aboyne on Royal Deeside. The front porch is supported by Scots pine trunks roughly trimmed of their branches, a traditional way of building in Scotland I am told, and the inside of the house is richly and solidly finished with doors, window frames, banister rails, and kitchen units also in pine. The views from the rooms are across the green of Aboyne.

I had a double room to myself and a most luxurious en suite bathroom with a dressing table and an armchair in it. I was warmly welcomed and looked after with great care. I was even given the freedom of the kitchen and my hostess's laptop, so that I could check my emails while there.

The house is only 10 minutes' walk from the centre of the village, so on the days when the younger members of the family were being too energetic for me, I could make off on my own to have coffee, shop, have lunch, shop some more, and take pictures of Aboyne.

The Church and the Old Station

The War Memorial Building and the Memorial Window

Lamp standard and Red Squirrel (my first!)

Eilidh, my landlady's cat


kapgaf said...

It all looks and sounds wonderful - a beautiful time of year to be there. My Prince Frog and I want to go to Scotland for a holiday but have to find the time.

Can you tell me the name of that yellow flower plant in the garden at Crathes Castle - they have used the same plant on one of the roundabouts near me (with a red version also) and I am intrigued as to what it is.

Judith said...

Sorry, Kapgaf, but I don't know. There were red ones at the Castle too.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

It seems so strange to read that this was your first red squirrel. They were the norm for me as a child and I only "met" grey ones south of the border. Sounds as if you had a wonderful place to stay.