Thursday, May 07, 2009

Holiday journal : 10 April - Journey's end

We are in Scotland at last. I have only been here twice before. Once in 1963, with three small children, to attend the wedding of a friend; and once in 2002 when our Growing Old Disgracefully Annual Gathering was held in Glasgow University. On neither occasion did I depart from the event I was attending to do any sightseeing. Sadly the day was dull and damp - (don't the Scots call that a 'soft' day?), and although we drove to the foot of Edinburgh Castle, I could not get a decent photo, nor yet at The Forth Bridges. Here are a couple,though, just to show I was there, however briefly.

Edinburgh Castle

The Forth Railway Bridge

After a nod in the direction of these two famous landmarks, we set forth for Falkirk and its famous Wheel, a rotating boat lift which connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal on two different levels. The sun was struggling to come out, and we spent a happy time there marvelling at this miracle of engineering, and having lunch in the visitors' cafe.

The wheel in mid swing

The boat emerges.

Then it was time to head for Aboyne in Royal Deeside, the home of my daughter-in-law's parents, and also of her sister's family. We took country roads again, avoiding Aberdeen, and arrived in the late afternoon. I opted for a quiet evening in my b&b, recovering from the journey, and would join the full company on the following day. We stopped at the Co-op and bought some sandwiches for my supper, and then I was driven to Tigh na Geald, and delivered into the care of a very charming landlady.


annie said...

That first definitely illustrates "a soft day." The Scots have a delightful way with words-- I wish I had had a tape recorder when I was a little child to have taped my Scots aunt's sayings.
annie # 3

kapgaf said...

You got to see more of Edinburgh than I did - many (many) years ago, I spent two days working there, arrived in the dark, left in the dark and never left the hotel!

I'd not heard of the boat lift but it's a must for a visit if I go to Scotland again - I love this kind of engineering feat. The minds that think of them, the minds that design them and the minds that physically put them together. Wonderful.