Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Act on Segway Scooters

Pictures are coming in as I write of a new 'electroglide' act by the group Larkin' About, whom I have shown previously on my blog performing as Gliding Angels. When we left Ric to continue on our travels, he was busy making props for the act for the Falkirk Festival in Scotland on 2nd and 3rd May. The new Act is called ''Go Granny Go!" - a touch of ageist stereotyping there, I fear, but I have to forgive them for it.

Those who know me may detect a family likeness in Ric's profile here, aided by the addition of a wig and glasses.

You can also see videos of the act on my Video Blog here.


Pam said...

I bet they look really funny in their act!

kapgaf said...

I see that Ric has found a use for all those false legs !

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

Bloomin' 'eck, Judith!! I thought that WAS you!