Sunday, May 17, 2009

Writing under pressure

Ten years ago, at one of our Growing Old Disgracefully gatherings, we did a writing workshop. We were asked - or rather challenged - to write a poem to someone we know well, and to liken that person to:

a colour
a kind of weather
a time of day or year
a sound
a form of transport
a kitchen implement
something eatable
an animal
a speed
We were given about 15 minutes to complete the task. In such circumstances one can hardly help but write from the heart. This was my poem. I seem to have cheated slightly on the last line.

You are my brown earth and my green growth,
You are my light and warmth and the breeze that blows.
You are my springtime and my renewal,
You are birdsong and the chime of bells.
You are the wheels that change my horizons,
You are my top gear, my accelerator.
You are the knife that cuts out waste.
You are my bread and my wine.
You are my best friend and companion.


Avus said...

I know I could not do that well in 15 minutes, Judith

Judith said...

To be honest, looking back, I think it must have been more than 15, although that is the note I made at the time.