Saturday, December 23, 2006

And a retrieval

"That's not how it's going to be" I said to myself eventually - "we can recover something here". After painstakingly removing all the shards of the broken baubles, so that they would cause no injury, I remembered that I had a different kind of ball waiting to be hung. It is a solid blown glass one, a sort of witch's ball, and weighs a good deal more than the broken ones. But I found a way to hang it alongside the remains of the other group, and after contriving some 'special' lighting in my amateurish way, so that they would all shine for the camera, I decided that the newly constituted group was worth photographing.

So here I am sending the seasonal message of renewal and hope, light and celebration, to all my blogging friends. May your lives be full of blessings, and may you recognise them for what they are.


herhimnbryn said...

hallo j. Well saved! Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

Pauline said...

Well done! And there you have old and new combined, just like your life now. Happy Christmas, Judith!

Avus said...

Yes - a parable there.
Happy Christmas!

AVcr8teur said...

Hi Judith,

Keep your spirits up, you've still got a lot of living to do. Merry Christmas and may 2007 bring you peace and renewed happiness!

Take care,

Mehreen said...

Merry Christmas my dear friend :-)
I hope that 2007 brings you lots of beautiful moments.
A big hug.

Lee said...

Thank you Judith. Wishing you every happiness from far flung places. Lee.

Knowleypowley said...


I trust you had a happy Christmas and wish you all the best for a contented 2007.