Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas eve

I decided at lunch time today that I wanted to go back to the church where we celebrated Michael's funeral, and be among his friends there again. There was a Crib Service with Carols at four o'clock which would be just the thing, as it is a service for the small children, who dress up and make a nativity tableau. Michael so loved the children.

He loved to sing, and had a voice which would easily rise above everyone else's, sometimes quite embarrassingly! I remembered how much it annoyed him when people did not come in strongly on the first note each verse, but lagged behind the organist. So I did my best to hit these notes on his behalf, though I have no voice at all, and could only reach half of them anyway.

I noticed this morning that most unusually, the holly tree in my garden still had berries on it, so I decided to cut some to decorate the house. When I reached the tree with my secateurs and basket I thought: "I'll leave the ones I can see from the house, I'll cut from round the back". Surprise, surprise, there were no berries at all at the back ! A freak of growth, do you suppose, or a kindly gesture of the birds?


Richard said...

Have a peaceful Christmas, Judith.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

DellaB said...

Hi Judith,
Sad to say I haven't been doing all the blog reading I want to do lately, life catching up with me and time getting away from me. It happens. So I missed your bereavement, it's not too late to offer condolences? I know what you mean, one of my ex-husbands is still very much in my heart, the circumstances of parting were not to be reconciled, but I wish it had been different... how sad it is for people who once loved not to care for each other, how lucky for those of us who can...

And then, so many excellent posts, and stories and pictures, I, like Santa and his reindeer am doing a fast trip around the world today, to catch all my new blogging friends and wish a Happy Christmas, thank heavens here in Australia it is already Christmas day and I have a 24 hour delay to visit the world on your side!

I will certainly be back to immerse myself once again in the things you have to share with us - you are one of the SPECIAL ones for sure...

much love

Helen said...

We leave for America Wednesday, not a holiday, working for two months. I am hoping to be able to 'pop in' on the blogs I have been reading lately. Yours definitely included, Judith. Lovely to read.
Happy New Year.