Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Christmas wish for my readers !

If that's the case, then I strongly recommend you
to click on this link for

I needed a hug quite badly when I sat down at my computer, and what happened? There was an email from Avus commenting on my blog about Belief. He had come to my website on the recommendation of Herhimnbryn, who has linked my blog to hers as one of her recommended "Christmas presents" - bless her. As is my practice with new readers, I went to Avus's blog to see what he is about, and there I found a reference to a Free Hugs video. By dipping into his archive I found the link to the video on YouTube, and sat watching it, with my eyes filling up and a warm feeling of huggedness creeping all over me. And so we blog around the world, around the clock, and around each others' hearts! Long may we continue.

This is a group hug I have borrowed from The Second Little Book of Hugs by Kathleen Keating, with drawings by Mimi Noland. The author writes "An embrace creates a circle of compassion that promotes growth and healing and feeds our empty hearts".

The animated caterpillar is borrowed from 1001 postcards, a site offering a free greetings service which is worth looking at.


herhimnbryn said...

Blog on J!

Knowleypowley said...

Wonderous Judith, truly wonderous. Hugs back to you

Pauline said...

Aw, hugs, Judith! I am lucky - I work with second graders and they LOVE to hug. I have some to share :)

beadbabe49 said...

wonderful blog, judith...I have to thank herhimnbryn for the pointer here...thanks!

Avus said...

Glad you found the "Hugs" post, Judith. A lump came in my throat at the point when he knelt down to hug the little old lady and she patted his cheek!imswhmpu

Avus said...

PS ignore my last word "imswhmpu" for some reason blogger included the word verification - it does seem up the creek a bit at present!