Monday, December 04, 2006

Picture gallery - growing up

My first photocall in 1927, a picture I love for my mother's fashion style.

A bit fuzzy, this one, but I like it because I reckon it marks a defining moment for my nose, already developing its acquiline prominence at 10 months!

My younger brother has arrived in 1931, and my mother has parted her hair in the middle, while retaining the little bunches on either side of the head. I seem to be wearing a pinny, an indignity I never required of my children!

Fancy dress time. I must admit I don't remember this. It might have been a party, or a village carnival with a parade.

It's 1936 and the tomboy has emerged, the legs are on view, the knees exposing themselves to years of injury (about which there is another whole blog story to be written!)

My cousin - (the one with the naturally wavy hair) - has come to stay, and we are cooling off in the stone basin of the pump, in the garden of a neighbouring cottage.

1941, the war has started, we are now living in the country, and my brother and I are away at boarding school during term time. Holidays include picnics by the local stream, which can be reached on foot. Don't you just love my brother's gray felt sun hat? My Mum never wore trousers - I am so grateful for the change in fashion which made them commonplace for women today.

The car was laid up during the war due to shortage of petrol, and my parents bought a pony and trap for getting to the local town for shopping. The pony was rideable too, but I was always a nervous rider.

I couldn't find any late teenage pictures, so my growing up is temporarily halted at the age of about fourteen.


Pauline said...

Oh good - more! This is a wonderful use of blogging - to let us see you becoming you. There's a lot of your Mum in your face. You've got me looking through old pictures, remembering events and times and feelings. What fun!

Lillie said...

Love the shorts/knees/dog picture. Girls are so marvelous at that age. Then again, I like each one in turn, and the progression...