Monday, February 02, 2009

Some trees

My hands have become a little shaky now for taking good sharp photographs, and I am getting discouraged. But I pulled these three shots of trees out of my files, as I find them all pleasing regardless of quality. They will do to put up here while my hibernating brain tries to wake up enough to write an interesting post.


G in Berlin said...

So, how is the insulation? Is it worth trouble and expense?
Sometimes I also have trouble with my (too heavy) camera. It's a help when I balance on walls or railings with my elbows. Also, I know some of the new small cameras have a technology that compensates for shake. I think Sony has one that is quite inexpensive.
Glad to see whatever you would like to share.

Judith said...

G, it's hard to say how much effect the wall insulation is having - I think I shall have to check a whole quarter's bill against previous years. The trouble involved was very little, and for me the expense was nil, because here in the UK it is covered by government grants for those over 70. But I can't help feeling that it must good anyway, providing you can afford it.

I have begun to research cameras with a view to getting a new one, but I hate making choices with so many on the market. I've noticed that viewfinders are now becoming quite rare in cameras with big viewing screens, but that is something I still want to have too.

Avus said...

I heartily agree about an eye level viewfinder, Judith and would not buy a camera without one.
People look quite ridiculous, arms stretched out in front, squinting at a small screen and trying to see it in bright sunlight. At such an arm extension it must lead to camera shake. Looking through a view finder, camera cuddled up to your cheek, you have a much firmer base.
One thing about the recession - lots of sales now and good cameras are on good discounts. But you can read about them all ad infinitum without really "knowing" them. Best to get one in your hands and see if you like each other.

Judith said...

Thanks Avus, for confirming what I think. Unfortunately the cheaper more compact cameras appear to be dispensing with viewfinders, but I'm sure there must be one for me.