Friday, February 27, 2009

Google Friend Connect

I must say I am very annoyed with Blogger for adding this networking function to the Followers widget in the sidebar. It seems to have added something like 3.5 centimetres to the height of the box that contains the 'heads', and in doing so has made it messy looking and wasteful of space. What is more, the new top and bottom bars contain two links in each, and 3 of the 4 all take you to the same place. Very bad design in my view. No, I must correct myself, there are 5 links in the two bars altogether, 3 of them going to the same place. I reckon they could have got the 3 all in one bar.

And anyway, surely they could have made Google Friend Connect a different widget to be added at will? I am not going to invite my Followers to join Friend Connect as well, as it seems like it's trying to be something like Facebook, and that is something I don't do, and won't urge my friends to do either. It's nice having your faces there in the sidebar, but I'm not sure if I shall keep them there. We'll see.


Kissedaprincegotafrog said...

Yes, that kind of sloppy design makes me cross, too (not that I have a blog - only thinking about it for now).
At least I now understand why Lee has the widget on his Curate's Egg blog - I wanted to become a follower (don't you love the irony of becoming a follower when it's an atheist's blog ?) but I got a screen telling me to open a Google account and it wouldn't listen when I told it I already had one !

Lee said...

Yes, It's an ugly thing. I have the followers for the benefit of people who use that route to, well, follow me. I am slowly moving it further and further down the sidebar. I use Google Reader by preference.

Judith said...

I keep trying to change the colours too, so that that the box is not so hard edged, but it keeps changing itself back again. Grrr!