Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hundertwasser - Austrian artist 1928-2000

"We are in need of magic
I fill a picture until it is full with magic, as one fills up a glass with water
Everything is so infinitely simple, so infinitely beautiful."
I have made a discovery this morning, over my bowl of cereal, which I always eat while I open my emails and my blog comments. There was a message from someone who has recently become one of my followers: 'Kissedaprincegotafrog'. I referred to her familiarly as 'Frog Lady' in one of my comments, and asked her if she minded. She sent me an agreeable email which included a link to this artist's website, with her recommendation to read his biography.
I thought "not over breakfast, it's too early in the day", but I went there anyway. It is one of those websites with a black background, which I usually don't bother with, as they are hard on my eyes, but I stayed anyway. I read the artist's biography, which was a bit of a strain, and I admit I skipped bits, but I read most of it anyway. Then I began clicking on the coloured graphics that linked to other sections of the website, where I found paintings, videos, the artist's own thoughts and philosophy, and more paintings. Suddenly I was hooked. I have picked out two paintings that I particularly like, but I do recommend you have a look for yourself if you like what you see here. I certainly do - thankyou, Frog Lady.
I was very struck by this extract from his writing, which seems even more important to consider today, than in 1975 when it was written:
One must live as though one were at war and everything rationed
Man must be careful
Must think independently, must economize
Should not waste blindly
Man must take care that the cycle functions
The cycle from eating to shitting functions naturally
But the cycle from shitting to eating is disconnected
Being happy does not depend on wealth at all
Does not depend on production
That is difficult to say.



Kissedaprincegotafrog said...

Glad you like his work. I find it has an innocent joy, as does his architecture. For anyone who plans to visit any of his buildings, please note that his dislike of straight lines includes the floor so be careful when walking around - the floor is not always where you expect it to be when you put your foot down !

Lee said...

Yes, I like him too. Visually agreeable.

BTW: I think the comment slink you were wanting is after the ads. I am going to take the ads off A Curate's Egg, I think. Politics too, probably. Leave them on Sex & Religion.

Lee said...

For "comment slink" read "comments link" Ta.

Vita said...

This fellow looks very interesting, so I'll say hi before I go visit him and get distracted. Hi.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

Tip - for reading tricky sites which have white letters on a coloured background or suchlike, try higlighting the whole thing and you should get the negative which you CAN read!

Judith said...

That's a very good tip, Sheila, I don't know why I didn't sus it out before. Thanks.

Jill Smith said...

I am hoping you get this as the last post said febuary 09. I stopped at your blog as Hundertwasser's painting was there and l love his work.
Will write more if l get an answer as you could have gone to another blog,l hope you answer.
My website is have a look at my art.

Judith said...

Hi Jill, no problem with receiving your message. And I haven't gone away to another blog. I was on holiday for a month in April, but have been posting pretty regularly in the months since. It puzzles me if you couldn't find them. You may need to go into the archives in the sidebar and click on 2009 and then work through the months. But you probably know that.

I visited your website - lovely colourful pictures, but I'm not a lover of reds and oranges myself. I'll take a longer look to see what else you have.