Saturday, February 21, 2009



Do you ever find that your days seem to be focussed on nothing but waiting - for goods to arrive, for things to happen, for people to get in touch, for appointments at hospitals etc?

In the past few weeks I have been waiting for:

  • Some goods I ordered on line which didn't arrive, and when I contacted the firm they said they were posting a second lot and those haven't arrived either, and it's now two and a half months since I first ordered.

  • Something I bought on Ebay from a seller in the US which he said would take 2-3 days to arrive in the UK. After 5 weeks it was returned to the seller because he had addressed it wrongly. When he posted it again it took 6 business days and one weekend.

  • The next email in an uncomfortable exchange of correspondence I am having with someone with whom I am in disagreement.

  • My eldest son in Australia to fix the dates of his next visit to the UK with his family, after hinting months ago that they might come during 2009. They only get over every three years or so. At last I know they are coming in April - yippee!

  • A lab report on a biopsy I had done on 23rd January. I know some abnormality was found but I don't yet know what it is or what treatment I may need. I am fairly confident that it is nothing serious, but am worrying that treatment might interfere with my son's visit


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