Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blue skies and birdsong ...

Sue has left a comment on my Christmas slideshow, saying she is worried at seeing no new posts, and hoping that I am well. I have left a comment there for her but am posting here too, in case I am worrying anyone else. It is a great privilege, but also something of a burden, albeit a loving one, to know that people notice when you fail to blog for a while, and worry on your behalf.

I have in fact posted nine times since Christmas, the last one on 2nd February. I wonder if Sue is missing some blogs. That said, I must admit that it is difficult to find the spirit to write just now. The winter is so tedious and depressing, and the MMI and BSF*, that are the lot of many of us in old age, seem so much harder to bear.

Today, however, when I went out to do the 15-20 minutes walking that I aim for daily - but do not achieve! - there was a distinctly springlike feeling in the air. Most of the snow where I live has melted now, and the trees were full of robins tweeting away. Blue skies and birdsong, two of life's great blessings.

[* Multiple Minor Impairments and Benign Senile Forgetfulness !]


Granny J said...

I can understand your reader's worry -- I have the same reaction when a regular suddenly does not post for a while. It is a friendship interrupted.

Judith said...

That is a nice way of putting it, Granny J. And it is a lesson I have learned rather late in life that it is necessary to work at friendships.

KC said...

I recently started reading your blog and find it delightful. I also am impressed that as a senior you have such a grand command of computer savy. I am only in my late fifties and I sometimes find technology difficult to stay up to date on. I look to you for inspiration. Thanks!

annie said...

Good to hear from you, Judith. I agree with Granny J, "it is a friendship interrupted" but easy to happen during the February Blahs. I think I'll dare a walk-- that might help. And I hear you, KC, I am so computer illiterate. However, my five-year-old grandson is getting saavy and has been slapping that mouse around for a whole year so I am depending upon him to teach me more in a few years. :)

Pam said...

This winter really does seem never-ending doesn't it? I passed this comment to someone the other day and she said "but we didn't have any summer last year did we?" - and I think she's right, it just feels as though it's been winter forever!

Spring must be just around the corner, it's a good thing that we've had some decent snow for a change, but I bet there's more to come!

I once knew someone who said "It always snows on the daffodils" - and she meant when the daffodils are in bloom in the gardens, so it could be as late as April. So Spring can't really start until the daffodils have seen some snow!

Judith said...

Thanks KC for your remarks. I have to say though, that I do not attempt to keep right up to date. I tend to use something new if it meets a need and if I can understand it, but my heart always sinks when I think I have to master something new. I've built up gradually over 10 years to what I know now,but as a senior, I do not learn easily.

One thing's for sure, your photography is better than mine!

Pam, when the snow melted on my neighbour's lawn, it reappeared covered in pale mauve, rather weakly looking crocuses, which I don't remember from last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judith - I don't know why my system failed to pick up your newer posts! I've now deleted it from my Bookmarks and will re-load with this!
So glad to be able to catch up with you again!